When tropical cyclones or heavy persistent rain are affecting Hong Kong, parent or guardian should pay attention to the announcements made via the radio, television or mobile application “GovHK Notifications” and decide for themselves whether they should let children go to school. Our school’s arrangements under inclement weather conditions follow the guidelines given by the Education Bureau (EDB). For details, please visit the webpage “Press Releases” on the Government website (http://www.info.gov.hk/gia/general/today.htm).


*If students have already set out for school when Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 3 is issued, kindergartens should activate the contingency plan to ensure that school premises will be open and arrange staff to look after the students who have arrived at school, until proper arrangements are made for such students to return home at an appropriate time under safe conditions. The same applies to all schools if the Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal Pre-No. 8 / No. 8 is issued when students have already set out for school.


For details, please refer to “EDUCATION BUREAU CIRCULAR NO. 4/2016”