Our congregation was founded in 1940 by the missionary LuLa Bell Hough.  In its earliest days, the congregation met in a rented room in a Chinese-style house which used to sit on our current site.  The congregation began to grow in numbers. During the Japanese occupation, worship services were temporarily suspended.  The end of the War brought about resumption of our ministry.  In 1948, with the purchase of our current site for HKD 20,000, our congregation was incorporated and began to offer kindergarten education.  Despite unsuccessful attempts to rebuild our property in the sixties and the seventies, our congregation was determined to carry through our reconstruction plan in the eighties to replace our deteriorating house and to take advantage of the new town development project in Fanling.  Application for rebuilding was submitted to the government towards the end of 1981.  The application was only approved after seven years in March, 1988.  The old house was demolished in July of the same year with construction work beginning two months later in September.  The reconstruction project was completed in October, 1989.  The dedication service for the new church building was held on January 14, 1990.                                                                                                        

Glory to the Triune God.