Our school respect different cultures and cherish the diversity. We offer sufficient supports to non-Chinese speaking children in order to help them enjoy a happy and fruitful school life.

  • Equal opportunities of admission are offered to all children. NCS children can come to our interview with a Chinese speaking companion or use translation service during the interview time.
  • Related community information is provided for NCS families.

Centre for Harmony and Enhancement of Ethnic Minority Residents (CHEER Centre)


Free hotlines for Telephone Interpretation Service (TELIS)

Bahasa Indonesia       3755 6811   Nepali                   3755 6822

Urdu                          3755 6833  Punjabi                3755 6844

Tagalog                      3755 6855  Thai                     3755 6866

Hindi                          3755 6877  Vietnamese         3755 6888


  • EDB hotlines for the : 2892 6676

Please contact us, by telephone or email for English enquiries about our school information.